Help Wanted

As a tweet

Looking for a biz partner to handle all aspects of internet marketing for a new fitness biz coaching service. #bizopp

The Who



My name is T.J. 

I'm your future business partner, or shall I say, future uber successful business partner. Wink. Wink.

But not let's get ahead of ourselves. First, let me properly introduce myself. 

They say a business partnership is like a marriage, so I guess this ad should be written like one you'd find on a dating website. 

I'm a thirty-seven year-old Caucasian male. 6'2". 200 pounds. Athletic build. Enjoys exercising, reading... I can't. Too weird.

Let's start again.  

I am 37 years-old. I'm married to a beautiful woman, and we have beautiful little girl. We live in a small, rural town in Illinois, population 3,200. 

I'm a pharmacist. I also co-own two small studio gyms (going on 4 years now) and own a small, twenty-four gym (just turned 10 years-old). 

I'm a fitness/health enthusiast (just starting to get into obstacle races). At one time I had like 6 fitness/nutrition certifications. Currently, now that I'm getting close to 40, I'm more interested in the health/longevity aspects of fitness and nutrition as opposed to big biceps and a huge bench press (although I do still love abs). 

I read A LOT (mostly marketing/psychology books). I'm a nerd to the core and thoroughly enjoy learning, especially if it has to do with fitness, nutrition, health, medicine, marketing, or psychology. 

As you can tell by the pictures from above, my family and I are Dis nerds. We love to travel and find ourselves visiting Disney World 3 or 4 times per year. Needless to say, I've spent enough on the Mouse over the last 10 years that Walt should name a ride after me. 

I'm also a huge sports fan, particularly the NBA. I can, and will, argue about it all day. It's about the only thing I watch on TV anymore. 

As far as my priorities are concerned, it's my family/religion, my businesses, and my community (as you'll soon see, I'm extremely passionate about small towns, especially my hometown, Gillespie). 

My business philosophy is pretty simple:

  1. Build - Automate - Relax.
  2. Invest in what you know. 

I go hard for anywhere from 2-5 years depending on the complexity of the business, automate it as much as I can, and hopefully when it's all finished, have an automated stream of cash that doesn't take more than a few hours of my time each week. I'm obsessed with "more" even though I'm not driven by money.  

Although I've had moderate successes as of late (all of my current businesses have been generating a profit for the last 3-10 years although none will make me a millionaire), I have had my share of failures - house flipping, supplement company, and online e-commerce site (think community yard sales). 

So, I do have experience in the world of entrepreneurship, but I'm not a superstar by any means. I know what I know, and I know what I don't. I'm a simple Midwestern guy.

The Business

The business is called the Startup Gym Coach. We essentially help people open a gym like my gym, Ageless (which is going on 10 successful years) via online products/services. 

Several years ago, we were contemplating franchising our model because we had reached our revenue potential at Ageless. Its success in such a small town led to a handful of opportunities. We had met with several franchise companies.  However after some soul searching, we felt the fit just wasn't right. The costs were extremely high, the return on investment was too long, and we weren't comfortable with some of the requirements in the contract. 

So, instead, we began brainstorming other potential revenue streams. Of course, opening more gyms was the best option. However, because we lived in a small community and weren't willing to relocate or be an absentee owner, our opportunities were limited. We contemplated offering online personal training but we kept coming back to Ageless. We knew we had a good concept, it was a blue ocean, and it could be replicated with success by others. 

Luckily, I had a phone conversation with Ryan Lee, and he led met to the Gym Startup Coach idea - franchising without really franchising. 

Since talking to Ryan, we helped my cousin open a gym just like Ageless, which further allowed us to refine our systems and processes to improve our teaching ability. Like Ageless, his gym was a success almost immediately and actually just surpassed my gym in total revenue in 2018. 

So here we are today.... A foundation for an online fitness business coaching platform that offers three products that help people open a twenty-four-hour HomeTown gym like Ageless:

  1. A $47 ebook 
  2. A $697 8 week online course
  3. A one day $5,000 mastermind with 90 days of coaching 

By now, you're probably wondering why Ageless. Why this model? Why would someone learn how to open a gym like this?

I've been in the fitness industry for over a decade now. I have personal, behind-the-scenes experience with 3 different gym models: 1) the 24 hour small gym model - Ageless. 2) the studio gym model - Iron Orchid. 3) The pay-per-class model - Flow Spin Studio. Needless to say I've seen every trend, bubble, and crash.

For the last 10 years, every fitness coaching guru from Alwyn Cosgrove to Thomas Plummer has been promoting the studio gym concept. It's now over-saturated, and we're seeing high-end studio gyms closing their doors because they've had to slash membership prices to keep members. Now that the big box gyms are getting into the game with their own studio gym concepts and franchises like OrangeTheory are popping up everywhere, it's a red ocean. 

In my opinion, there are only two blue oceans left in the fitness industry: 1)online personal training/classes 2) the small twenty-four hour model in rural America that treats its members like a studio gym. 

Not a single major player is looking at small towns. Not a single fitness business coach is promoting this model.

There are affordable (less than $100k startup costs) opportunities dotted all across small town America (and by small, we're talking less than 10,000 people). The model we use allows us to profit (anywhere from $50k to 100k per year) in towns that franchises are too big for. We have the complete blueprint just like a franchise but we charge 1/100th of the price without a long-term contract. You can learn more about our concept by clicking here. 

We're the leaders in this niche. Or, as Russell Brunson says we've carved out our own niche. 



Your Role as Co-Owner

I need a cofounder that can handle all of the marketing, specifically internet marketing. 

I've already created the first product, the ebook, and it's ready to be sold. 

I have all of the content for the online course ready. I just need to decide what platform to use and upload it. 

I have all of the content ready for the 1 day mastermind. 

I have connections throughout the fitness industry. I've written for Jon Goodman at the Personal Training Development Center as well as Natural Muscle Magazine and Personal Fitness Professional.

I have an email list of about 600 subscribers that was grown organically by writing about gym ownership on the sites listed above. I have 20+ blog posts waiting to be posted. 

I do have a mediocre knowledge of internet marketing as I've purchased courses from Adksills, Nicholas Kusmich, Brunson, Billy G, etc. 

I need someone to bounce marketing ideas off of. 

I need someone to create the marketing content, update the website, post, etc.

I need someone to test, tweak, and track it. 

Essentially, I need someone to sell it. 

I've considered hiring agencies and have had a few freelancers help, but I want someone invested in it. I want a cofounder because I think this just maybe the start of something much bigger. This is just the first step in a 3 step plan

The Offer

It's simple. 

1. Sweat Equity: You handle all of the marketing and selling and you get 25% of the company without investing a dime. 


2. You handle all of the marketing and selling and pay for 49% of the advertising costs, and you get 49% of the company. 

Because I have other sources of income, I don't need to profit initially. In fact, I'd rather reinvest my profit back into the business to grow it quicker for at least the first 12 months if not 24-36 months. Of course, you may not have that luxury, and if not, we can definitely work something out regarding how quickly your profit is distributed. 

I fully expect you check on my references. I will gladly refer you to my two current cofounders in Iron Orchid and Flow, as well as Austin who I helped open his own Ageless. I will do the same, as I'd like to see your work and talk to people that have worked with you.

If you're really cool (and interested), I may just invite you to beautiful Gillespie, IL for some workouts at Ageless, food on the grill, and more. 

The Next Step

So, if you've read this far and are thinking, "Man, this dude is cool and this idea is even cooler. I can see myself chest bumping this guy after a good month of sales." email me at We'll set up a skype, talk more about the details, and go from there.