Aren't you tired of hearing fitness coaches and gurus talk about six-figure businesses, and yet never showing you actual numbers from their business? 

Well, here are our actual numbers. With these two documents, you have every financial number you need to create your financial projections in your business plan.

Estimated Startup Costs

Although these were exact for us, they do fluctuate as prices for refurbished equipment change frequently. Because of that, we've added about a $25,000 cushion. More than likely, you'll be able to furnish your gym for around $100,000. 

Click here for the estimated gym startup costs spreadsheet. 


Profit and Loss Statement 

Again, we cannot promise your gym will result in these kinds of numbers. In fact, I don't even want to imply that. You may be able to do much better or much worse. However, I did want to show you how our HomeTown Gym, even in a tiny, poor market, can turn a healthy profit. I also wanted you to have some estimated numbers to use in your financial projections in your business plan. 

Click here for our profit and loss in 2018 at Ageless.