This guy is closing his gym...

first step in opening a gym

This guy is closing his gym because... 

I came across a great article this week on Tony Gentilcore's site by a former gym owner that recently closed his doors.

I think it's a must-read for aspiring gym owners simply because we all need that "slap in your face" dose of advice from someone who is in the trenches. 

Plus, I agree with Tony that gym ownership has been glorified way, way too much and this brings us back to reality.

The problems/hurdles/time bombs mentioned in the article are something I've witnessed multiple times and even have had first-hand experience with when I bought my first studio gym. 

I would like to add one thing though... 

Automatically assume the first 5 months of rent are coming directly from your pocket, and if possible, include that in your start-up costs. You'll thank me later.

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