The Right Way To Open a Gym

How to open a gym

Start small....

That's what I did. That's what Jared did. That's what Meghan did.

I bought a $40k building and started there before I expanded into our current 9,000 square foot gym.

Jared started group classes in a basement of a church before he went on to open 2 highly profitable gyms.

Meghan started training people out of the back of her car before she made the move to open her own gym.

I know how you feel. I know what you're thinking.....

We all were nervous, second-guessing whether a gym was the right move or not.

We all just wanted to get to our end goal and didn't want to waste time on the first step.

We all lost sleep thinking about the risk.

So, we all "dipped our toe" in the water before we took the plunge. We took the Lean Startup approach.

If you're looking to open a gym, find a location in the community you're interested in like a church and start offering classes. Don't charge anything at all initially or if you do charge, donate the money to a local charity. All you need is liability insurance, which is cheap, and just a small variety of equipment that can fit in the back of your car.

Build up your tribe. Grow a membership base before you even have your own gym. It's really that simple.

But guess what.. 99% of us won't do that. We don't want to sacrifice anything, especially our time. We'd rather open a gym, risk $100k, and fail than research, test, and grow our tribe.

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