The Cheapest Fitness Franchises 2019...

cost of fitness franchises

Club Industry just recently listed the most "affordable" fitness franchises on the market today, with initial investments ranging from $91,000 to over $400,000. 

For most first-time fitness entrepreneurs, that's a significant investment. Unfortunately, that's just the beginning:

  • There's also the monthly fee. 
  • There's the long-term franchise contract.
  • There are the "hidden" fees

And then there's the big one - the lease. 

You forgot about that one, didn't you?

For a space between 2,500 3,000 square feet in a suburb of a large city, you're looking at around $4,000 per month and a minimum of a three-year agreement. So, that's another $144,000 you're on the hook for. 

It doesn't look so affordable, does it? 

It's not surprising you're still on the sideline, dreaming about opening your gym. 

My suggestion.... 

Do what I did. Go small. Find a blue ocean. Minimize the risk. Start your own. 






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